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103 Games Like Second Life

5 years ago

With the Pandemic on the move, our mobility and socialization have become limited anyway for our safety and security. You can attain skills like cooking, fishing, ironsmith, and make a profession out of to be your identity. The game is for anyone who wants to experience being a character that goes for a mystical journey.

The game lets you assume the role of a Super Rock Star and enjoy his lavish life. It is a community-based game that lets you live up your dreams by becoming a hot sensation among all the shining stars around you. The player can start up his life in Popmundo from scratch and try to work hard to become the topper. Become someone powerful and essential such as Politicians, Businessman, Criminal, etc. entirely depends on you. Smeet 3D Social Game Chat is an Online Virtual World, Free-to-play, Browser-based MMORPG, and Social Interaction Simulation.

One Of The Most Popular Games Like Second Life

Because it debuted as a non-VR title, players can still access it regularly through the Windows Sansar client. The style focuses heavily on fantasy and sci-fi rather than real-world locations and mechanics. The gameplay takes you out there in the golf course area where you try your skills with other players. This way you start hanging out, make friends and continue playing golf. You can also get gears or repair the old ones, collect several other items, take quests, and much more.

  • It is also being referenced in contemporary movies and TV series.
  • The inhabitant’s glory is in the player’s hand, and he must satisfy the people by beating the monsters.
  • The game provides tons of options one can enjoy without any limit.
  • Similar to Virtual Villagers, the game is run in real-time so that your tribe continuously operates even if you leave the game.

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