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[Download 100%] – 4 Years Of Ratasana Tamil Best Thriller Film

Thriller fans in cinema have their own legacy. Screenplay is the most important thing in thriller type movies which excites you every moment. A proper screenplay means that a film can be completed in a single room as well. Although the thriller genre started out as ghosts and paranormals, it is not certain whether the paranormal is the only way to keep fans interested. In many languages, such as Hollywood and Korean, they would yell at people beyond the supernatural.

Why 100th day of Tamil Shaka release? Every time Modai Sathyaraj comes, there is a kind of fear in the heart, it is also a thriller. Similarly there are many movies in Tamil. Rakshan was one such film which released without any noise and any expectation in that line. Rakshasan is the long awaited action thriller film directed by Ramkumar, who gave the beautiful comedy Mundasupatti. Though the story is about the kidnapping of a schoolgirl and the police hero in search of the girl, the director has given the drama moment by moment with interest. It’s been 4 years since Rakshasan released, which scared us. But even today the fear is not taking its name to stop.

what next? The biggest success of the film is speculation about what will happen next. Rakshasan has its own unique identity as a parcel delivered as a smuggler. A flashback to the abductor of the girls, a short justification, the director’s turn when he turns out to be the kidnapper, Rakshasa is a film that is scary to watch. Although it is a thriller type, but without showing much blood and knives, they create fear among the fans through visuals and music. In such a situation, Gibran will be the biggest strength of this film. Gibran may have given the slow keyboard music for the horror. There are number of fans of Rakshasan theme song even today.

Vishnuvishal, Amalpal, Kalivenkat, Munishkanth and many others would have done well. Even after the release of the film, no one knows the real face of the villain, especially the real face of the monster. Who is this villain sir? The film crew introduced the villain only after social media discovered Mirathi in the role. It was Saravanan who threatened us as a giant villain. Though he played small roles in various films, he was well received by Rakshasa. Rakshasa is proof that fans will definitely welcome a thriller. The same success has taken the film to Bollywood for a remake.

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