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[Download 100%] – 8 Kamal films that celebrated silver jubilee in Bengaluru

Kamal’s 8 films celebrating silver jubilee in Bengaluru are many achievements. One of them is the hoisting of the victory flag in foreign countries. Many films like Shivaji, Kamal, Rajni have celebrated silver jubilee in foreign countries as well. Kamal’s achievement in this is unique. Eight films starring Kamal have celebrated silver jubilees in Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka. This means that eight of Kamal’s films ran for 25 weeks in Bengaluru, setting a record. 1. Marosarithra (1978 Telugu) Directed by Balachander, Marosarithra movie was released in 1978 starring Kamal, Sarika and Madhavi. The film was released in Telugu in both Tamil Nadu and Karnataka and became a huge success. The film ran for over 500 days at Neelam Theatre, Chennai and achieved a record run of 693 days at Kalpana Theatre, Bengaluru. No Tamil actor has been able to break this record so far.

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