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[Download 100%] – A restaurant in New York banned James Corden, saying- ‘he’

New Delhi. James Corden is a very talented comedian-host, but the more he makes people laugh on TV, the more angry he gets in real life. Recently a restaurant in New York has banned him for his misbehavior.

According to a report published in HT, Balthazar restaurant owner Keith McNally has accused James Corden of misbehaving with his restaurant staff. Keith McNeely accuses James Corden, saying, ‘James Corden may be a very talented comedian, but he is not a good person at all. He is the most abusive customer of this restaurant since 25 years.

McNally has accused James Corden of abusing waiters and employees in the past. He told how in June this year, James Corden spoke indecently to the manager of his cafe in Luxembourg. Keith McNeely said, “The TV star showed the manager lying down with his child at dinner, for which the manager apologized to him, but he didn’t stop and behaved badly. And he said the tree was up to kimmri our a rund lau ours.” In Ka Bila Bhabhi Restaurant I will give it a bad review.’

Even before this, there have been reports of the comedian’s misbehavior.
There are frequent reports of James Corden’s bad behavior. This is the second such incident in this month. In another incident earlier this month, a restaurant owner accused James Corden of complaining about his wife’s food.

He said James Corden started yelling at the waiter. Maybe I should go to the kitchen and make an omelet myself.”

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