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[Download 100%] – Aamir Pavani is in love with Bigg Boss. Aamir proposes to Pavani Reddy in Bibi:

So far 5 seasons of Bigg Boss have been aired on Vijay TV. This 5th season also featured various love tracks. But in the other 4 seasons the loving couple came out and broke up explaining that it was just attraction. In addition, Gavin Armie and Lasalia Armie were eager to attend Lasalia and Gavin’s wedding. But both of them broke up. This was said by Leslie herself in an interview. In such a situation, Aamir’s one-sided love, which started from Bigg Boss Season 5, is almost reaching its peak today. Fans are waiting for Pavani’s decision.

Aamir, who entered Bigg Boss Season 5, said that he is in love with Pavani. Due to this, the names of both Pavani and Aamir were broken more. Many said that this was Aamir’s game plan. Aamir continued this even after he finally left the Bigg Boss house. In all the interviews he said that it is true that he was in love with Pavani. After that likes started accumulating for this couple. It started getting tremendous response on social media too.

Such is the situation for Pakistan! Ms. Akka is crying

After this, the two started getting involved as a couple everywhere. After that, in season 2, the Bigg Boss couple is dancing together and after this show, both of them got closer. Fans are watching this show without any beat for this couple. The two recently danced together at the award show of a popular YouTube channel and grabbed the attention of many.

Such a tragedy for Shakti with Varun! mallika is crying

Fans said that it would be good if both of them facing many difficulties in life come together. In such a situation, in this week’s Bigg Boss Couple Show, Aamir again openly his love for Pavani. Unbeknownst to Bhavani, he plans a big surprise and presents a diamond ring as a gift. Pavani burst into tears. The promo is out now. How did Pavani reply to Amir? Which the fans are eagerly waiting to see.

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