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[Download 100%] – About Kanna Kanne Prithviraj Interview Str Simbu:

Not only successful actresses but also actors are acting in serials in Tamil cinema. Actors including Ranjeet, Vignesh and Pablo, who starred in films such as Kabhi Aha… Oho, are now acting on the coveted screen. Pablo Prithviraj is currently working as a serial dad.

Prithviraj K. She made her screen debut by playing the lead role in Balachander’s Vanam Elai. In the 2000s, he starred in the Naga-directed comedy-TV series Ramani Viz Ramani and the supernatural horror series Marma Desam. This serial brought fame and fame to Pablo among the fans. After this Radhika acted as a transgender person in the serial ‘Arsi’.

He has worked in many serials like ‘Raja Rajeshwari’ and ‘Vani Rani’. He also hosted a program called ‘Challenge’ which was aired. He is currently playing the role of Meera’s father in the popular TV serial ‘Kannana Kanne’. The story revolves around the affectionate conflict between Prithviraj as Gautam and Nimikshita as his daughter Meera.

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Pablo Prithviraj, who is busy with iconography and cinema, has been embroiled in controversies when it comes to Simbu. Talking about Simbu’s weight loss in a recent interview, Pablo said, “Simbu’s weight loss is amazing. I appreciate him for that. But the body weight should be maintained properly. I have many times It has been advised that otherwise he will become obese again,” he said.

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He further added, “Simbu is the boy I raised and he listens to whatever he says. But his mouth is a bit much,” Simbu said. Simbu fans on social media have been objecting to Pablo’s speech. It is worth mentioning that Prithviraj has spoken as Simbu who is currently hosting the Bigg Boss Ultimate show.

Vijay has also appeared as a contestant during the TV show Jodi No. 1 Season 2. During the show, the actor got into an argument with the show’s judge, Silambarasan. This incident had created a lot of controversy even at that time. Keeping this in mind, fans of Simbu are agitating that Prithviraj must have said something like this.

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