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[Download 100%] – Actor Dhanush, who ran with the leading actress, left his sons in the theater?

A video of Dhanush running with the actress leaving son Linga and Yatra in the theater is going viral. You can see its interesting background in this post.

After Karnan, Dhanush’s Tiruchirambalam has been released in theaters today. Released in Jagme Tantram, Maaran, Anthartri Re, The Gray Man OTD.

Fans are celebrating it like a festival as Dhanush’s film is releasing in theaters after a long gap. Dhanush fans are overjoyed as the film is getting positive reviews as well.

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In such a situation, Dhanush watched the first day of the film Tiruchirambalam with his fans at Rohini Theater in Chennai this morning. He was accompanied by composer Anirudh, heroine Raashi Khanna, son Linga, Yatra and others who enjoyed watching the film.

Knowing that Dhanush has come to Rohini theatre, fans surrounded the theater. It is said that Dhanush left the theater while watching the movie to make a safe exit.

Then, as the crowd was heavy, the actress came down the stairs and got into her car, holding Rashi Khanna’s hand. The bouncers helped Dhanush reach his car.

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Earlier, the fans surrounded Dhanush and Rashi Khanna. Holding Rashi’s hand tightly, Dhanush brought her safely to the car without being caught by the fans.

It was only after getting into the car that Dhanush realized that his son and Anirudh were trapped in the theatre. Later he too was pulled out safely with the help of bouncers.

Thiruchithambalam released today and is receiving positive reviews all over the world.

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