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[Download 100%] – Actor Dhanush’s Thiruchitambalam movie review

Dhanush starrer Thiruchitambalam has been released. How was this picture taken? Let’s see what the movie is about.

After Dhanush’s films Yardi ni Mohini, Kutty, Uttamputran, director Mithran R. Tiruchirambalam is a movie released in Jawahar Gathbandhan. It stars Bharathiraja, Prakashraj, Nitya Menon, Priya Bhavani Shankar, Rashi Khanna and others. Anirudh has composed the music for Dhanush’s film after a long gap.

two friends! Will their friendship turn into love? That’s it, the director has taken care to make it interesting.

The story takes place in a middle class family. Grandfather Bharathiraja, father Prakashraj, son Dhanush, friend Nitya Menon. The story revolves around these people who live in the same apartment.
Trouble-stricken Dhanush and Nithya Menon have been close friends since childhood.

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Dhanush, who delivers the food, falls in love with Rasi Khanna, who is of a high standard. Nithya Menon helps in this. But his love ends in failure.

Similarly, Priya Bhavani, a girl from the village, wants to marry Shankar. That didn’t happen either. Finally Dhanush’s grandfather Bharathiraj suggests to his friend. What happens next is the climax.

Many scenes of these events are amusing. The screenplay proceeds without much fuss. He has tried to present a middle class family.

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A son who hates his father. A grandfather who wants to unite his son and grandson. Bharathiraja, Prakashraj and Dhanush fit perfectly in these roles.

Bharathiraja’s dialogues and his acting are fun in many places. The retort he gives, especially to the poem written by Dhanush, makes the entire theater laugh.

With this, Bharathiraja has filled the space of the comedian’s absence. Similarly, many might think that it would be nice to have friends like Dhanush and Nithya Menon.

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There are no fight scenes in Tiruchitambalam. The beautiful cinematography and songs are enjoyable.
There could have been more compelling scenes in this film where Dhanush, who is afraid of facing problems, is the only reason for showing so much anger towards his father.

Rasi Khanna and Priya Bhavani Shankar appear only in three scenes each. And sometimes it gives the impression that the film is going on too long. Also, while the background music of the film is pleasant, it is all reminiscent of the music of the previous Dhanush-Anirudh collaborations.

Director Mithun R. Javkar has taken the simple story in an interesting way and told it to be a good film. If you go without any expectations, you can enjoy Trichitambalam and return. Fans who expect the film to have a script with twists and turns and an action-packed commercial formula, will be disappointed.

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