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[Download 100%] – Actor Kamal Haasan gave a message on Independence Day, said- don’t forget

Freedom is history. Actor Kamal Haasan has posted a happy Independence Day message saying that if we forget history then we will have to go back the same day.

Actor and Maklaq Neeti Mayyam Party leader Kamal said in his Independence Day message released today-

Let’s forget… Forget!

Happy Independence Day to every Indian celebrating 75th Independence Day!

How did you come up with the idea of ​​being able to sea, air, forest, lease, rent or celebrate, in the opening ceremony of the film Marudhanayakam 25 years ago, in a scene shot in the presence of the British Queen? My?

We will hoist the tricolor in every house on 15th August… Rajinikanth’s call

Do you know the age of this tree? Who are you? this is my country. I walk on my father’s ashes. I said this verse ‘tomorrow my son will walk on my ashes’.

This is not a script written for cinema. The fire inside me Fire in the hearts of everyone who has entered the fray to reclaim the homeland that has been enslaved by foreigners.

My fire is still not extinguished, as long as this fire is with you, our home, country, state, town and street will be fine.

National flag hoisted at Rajni-Vijay’s houses on Independence Day

Our history is freedom that many martyrs lost their lives, their lives and their property after fighting for ages. It is also history that if we forget history then we have to go back to those days. Let’s take a pledge to forget this day… Forget…

Let us remember with gratitude the freedom fighters of those days, who laid down their lives to protect the motherland, and the soldiers of the three armed forces who guard the borders to celebrate today. Let us admire their bravery and sacrifice. Bravery and sacrifice belong to all. Kamal Haasan has said that let’s develop

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