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[Download 100%] – Actor Parthiban said, Tamils ​​themselves think that Tamils ​​need

Actor Parthiban expressed his displeasure that Tamils ​​themselves think that Tamils ​​should not do anything first in the world.

Actor Parthiban’s film Iravin Siota has been released in cinemas in Puducherry, Tamil Nadu. Actor Parthiban visited Puducherry’s Purvans Mall where Shadow of the Night was released. He was enthusiastically welcomed by the fans by bursting firecrackers and drumming.

When they saw actor Parthiban and the film’s heroine Brigida entering the theater, fans raged and took selfies. Entering the theater, where the film was playing, Parthiban sat with the fans and watched the film for a few minutes.

Later speaking to the media, actor Parthiban said, I salute the fans of Pondicherry. Kalaipuni Thanu released this film. The film has done well in three days of release. The film has got the kind of reception that a big commercial film will get. Theaters are full. This film is not the cinema we are used to seeing. It is the world’s first non-linear single shot cinema which can be called non-linear.

Movies like this are very good for the film world, all mothers love movies. We have said that there are certain things in this film. This film has given me happiness after a new path in my life after 32 years.

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He said that if any Tamil thinks that a Tamil should not make the world’s first film, then there is nothing worse than that. They believe that we cannot do anything, only a foreigner can do it. Parthiban said that we have all the skills and we can do anything.

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