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[Download 100%] – Actor Sarathkumar says I am ashamed to act in romance sequences

Actor Sarathkumar says it would have been better if Rajinikanth had played Periya Pahuvatiyar in Pony Ki Selvan.

Ponni’s Selvan, directed by Mani Ratnam, will release the day after. In such a situation, Sarathkumar, who played the role of a big hunter, met and talked to the media.

Ponni’s Selvan film, which many thought to make, has now been made possible by Mani Ratnam. After the release of this film, everyone will come to know about the Chola Empire. In particular, their skills, excellence in foreign trade and shipping will be revealed.

There are still forts in North India. but not here. Similarly, places including the Tanjore Bade Mandir should be further developed as tourist destinations. Mainly he appealed to make Tanjore such a great temple which is visible to all.

Then to the question of Rajinikanth’s desire to play the role of the big hunter, the role would have been better if he had played it. But it is not known whether the body will be that much or not. However in cinema everything is possible. So he said that it would have been better if Rajinikanth would have played the role of a big hunter.

He also said that seeing him in the shoot of Vamana Kottatam, Mani Ratnam chose him for the role of the great farmer.

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Sarathkumar also said that he felt ashamed while doing romance scenes with Aishwarya Rai in Ponni’s Selvan. After seeing this, director Mani Ratnam asked if romance would come to you and after that he acted naturally and shared the fun on the set.

Apart from Ponni’s Selvan, he also listed that he is acting in more than 20 movies like Kathanayakan, Villain, Gunachithram. Sarathkumar expressed happiness that there was a short break in between and now he is starting to act in more films.

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