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[Download 100%] – Actress Sanyukta Hegde injured during shooting

Actress Sanyukta Hegde got injured during the shooting.

Sanyuktha Hegde has acted in Tamil movies like Komalli, Babbi, Manmatha Leelai. Jayam grabbed the attention of fans by starring as Ravi’s school sweetheart in Komli. Currently she is acting in Kannada film Cream. It is directed by debutant director Abhishek Basant.

Sanyukta got injured while shooting for a risky fight scene on the sets of the social thriller Cream. He was immediately admitted to the hospital with ankle and knee injuries. Director Abhishek Basant shared that Sanyukta forced him to do risky stunts himself.

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Samyukta was discharged a few hours after being admitted to the hospital. The screenplay of Cream is written by Agni Sridhar. Cinematography by Sanoj Velyuthan. The film is produced by DK Devendra’s Sanvardini Productions.

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