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[Download 100%] – AEW Athena’s Choice for ‘The Sound of Halloween’ Is Horror

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Image credits: Courtesy of AEW

Odour! It’s Halloween! Full October, HollywoodLife is running halloween sounds, Where some of your favorite people from the worlds of music, movies, television and pop culture choose songs that should be on your Halloween 2022 playlist. For this installment, it’s All Elite Wrestling athenaJoe is no stranger to having some costume fun.

AEW Athena's Choice for 'The Sound of Halloween' Is Horror
Athena enjoys the scene — and she’s dressed in Halloween colors (Courtesy of AEW)

Athena is also no stranger to Halloween. “Okay, I got married [the holiday] At a Dungeons & Dragons/Harry Potter/Game of Thrones wedding,” she explains hollywoodlife while discussing his upcoming plans, That and “Pro Wrestling Monster Hunter” Matthew Palmer The couple tied the knot in 2021, proving that not only is all right in love and wrestling, but that the spooky season can be just as romantic as Valentine’s Day.

While Athena’s Halloween will be spent celebrating her first wedding anniversary, there will be plenty of monster machinations in the coming weeks. AEW roster features supernatural and terrifying creatures of the night hell“Native Animals” nyla roseand current TBS champion (and cosplay enthusiast). Jade Kargil, It’s possible that Athena could end October with a championship belt tied around her waist—which is much better than a full-size candy bar. In the meantime, watch her picks for HL halloween soundAnd be sure to tune into AEW violent conductAired on TNT (check local listing).

Athena’s Halloween Playlist Picks

Close It Up, “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothes”

Panic at the Disco, “The Emperor’s New Clothes”

Eminem, “Godzilla”

Stevie Wonder, “Superstition”

Journey, “Different Ways (strange things Edition)”

HollywoodLife: What’s your most prominent Halloween memory?

Well, I got married on Halloween in a Dungeon & Dragons/harry potter/game of thrones Weddings, but the other thing that comes to mind is my brother, and I, the only trick-or-treating houses that leave candy bowls on the porch. Because it was free for all / Take it all in position. We were pretty much there, so trick-or-treating smart wasn’t hard.

What do you think will be the most popular Halloween costume this year? What should be on your mind?

I strongly think it should be Ugly Sonic from 2022 Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers’But I guess it’ll be Black Adam or maybe Lady Thor

Do you have any special October/Halloween traditions?

I see Cheat and the first Halloween Town Every year around this time, but usually I’m celebrating my anniversary. Great food and an awesome Halloween-themed dessert.

AEW Athena's Choice for 'The Sound of Halloween' Is Horror
Athena in Purple Haze (Courtesy of Athena)

If you were given a budget and free range to do anything, which horror film would you do? You can remake any movie from the past, or you can make your own.

pumpkin head, hands down. we can bring back lance henriksson, I don’t even care what character I am! I just love this movie! Would love to be a part of it in any way.

What’s on the agenda for October and the rest of the year?

i have one [tabletop roleplaying] Mini-series coming very soon on my Twitch and YouTube channels. ( I’ll also be playing some new video games coming out in November.

But you can catch every week in the wrestling ring with All Elite Wrestling on TBS, TNT and YouTube!

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