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[Download 100%] – Akshara Telugu Movie Review – Routine drama with a heartfelt message


Routine drama with a heartfelt message


2 hours and 16 minutes, ‘U’ certified.

Nandita Swetha - Akshara Telugu Movie ReviewWhat is the movie about?
Akshara (Nandita Swetha) joins as a teacher in Vidya Vidhan, a renowned university providing top positions in the Telugu states. At the same time, the institute’s education system is leading to suicide.

Alternatively, in a colony, three good for nothing guys that Walter Kings is known to fall in love with Akshara. How these seemingly unrelated wires collide with a murder? Why does it happen and what eventually happens is what the movie is about?

How are the performances?
Nandita Swetha plays the lead role of teacher Akshara in the movie. Her character is neatly designed as a hero with good and impressive scenes. They’re more in the preachy zone, but that has more to do with the script. As for acting, whatever Nandita gets, she sincerely does it.

Director B Chinni KrishnaDirected by Bi Chinni Krishna?
B Chinni writes and directs Akshara. It takes place in the educational background that is related to the whole system and the pressure it causes on students and parents.

The story of the movie is nothing new. We have told similar stories in different ways in the past. Akshara is yet another take on the known point. However, it deals with the problem more directly.

The entire first half of the movie is one big setup for the interval block. If you can guess it in advance, there is no thrill. However, if someone can’t, there is some excitement at that break point.

Apart from the interval, there are a few crazy moments that do evoke a smile. It’s the latest over-the-top variety and can be done with a few clicks. The core drama lacks the gripping quality and seems rushed.

Between the core plot with businesses and politicians, the comedy in the colony and the bachelors, and the love story, the story feels overcrowded and uneven. The smooth progress is lacking, and when it happens, it is completely predictable.

After the break, the second half continues where it left off. A new character is introduced to continue an investigation. There are hardly any dialogues and the whole thing looks superficial with writing at kindergarten level.

After all the build-up, the ‘predictable’ flashback finally comes as expected. The writing is good here, as it clearly sets out the point it wants, without revolving around it. The exchanges between government education versus corporate / private system are ‘not new’ but still impact because of the actor’s spirited performance.

Everything else that happens after the flashback is bullshit. It is done quickly to complete the procedure by considering it a logical and predictable ending. Along the way there are direct sermons on the system.

Overall, Akshara has a predictable but correct message to send. It fades out due to an uneven scenario where the commercial elements are packed.

Shakalaka Shankar - Akshara Telugu Movie Review Shakalaka Shankar, Sathya, Madhu and others?
Shakalaka Shankar, Sathya and Madhu play the troika of nuisance boys. They all do what is required of them, and most of it happens in the first half. Ajay Ghosh gets a funny role for a change, and he’s okay. Try and throw him against the type is a good idea.

However, it is Sanjay Swaroop who takes on a meaty and powerful role. Akshara is the most confident he’s ever looked on the screen. But there is a limit, and it shouldn’t be an exaggeration. The overkill is where the actor’s weaknesses are exposed. Still a good attempt for him. Among the rest, Harshavardhan shines above all others with his small but powerful role.

Music Director - Suresh BobbiliMusic and other departments?
Music by Suresh Bobbili is ok. The background score is slightly better. The cinematography is decent for the most part, but there are times when it ends up in a short film zone. The editing could have been better. The story often feels uneven and shocking, especially when it moves from something serious to the next. The writing, apart from a few comedic punches and the flashback, is banal.

Shritej - Akshara Telugu Movie ReviewHighlights?
Some crazy comedy bits

Uneven story
Not poignant
No tension

Satya-AkkalaTake alternative
A more integrated story with three bumbling fools in the story would have made things look more cohesive and less formal.

Did I enjoy it?
Yes, very few parts

Will you recommend it?
Yes, but with huge reservations

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