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[Download 100%] – Alex Jones’ disgusting reaction when Sandy was ordered to pay

alex jones Has surprisingly zero regrets. On Wednesday, a jury awarded nearly $1 billion in damages to the families suing them for their comments about 2012 sandy hook elementary school Shooting. But they can’t take an ounce of remorse from him.

The controversial radio host has repeatedly pushed the conspiracy theory that the Sandy Hook school shooting, which killed more than 20 people, mostly very young children, was a move by the government to gain more support for gun control. was cheating. He claimed that the parents of the tragedy were “crisis actors” after only one script. And as a result, some of those parents only did what they could – sued Alex for defamation.

While the conspiracy theorist has spent years telling the shooting a lie, he went back on his claims during the trial and admitted that it was “100 percent real.” However, this confession does not make up for the damage her words had caused grieving loved ones to experience over the years. During the trial, relatives of the victims and an FBI agent testified that they were harassed and threatened by many of Alex’s followers in the years after the tragedy occurred. mark barden7 year old victim’s father Daniel Bardentold the court that her family had received a letter from a supporter of Alex, who claimed that she had urinated on her son’s grave. Some families also claimed that they were sent rape and death threats by their followers, who echoed their claim that they were “crisis actors”. Terrifying.

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Despite the gruesome details the families shared on the stand about their experiences, Alex refused to apologize for his actions during the trial – saying he had apologized several times in the past.

Now the verdict of the case is about to come. According to ABC NewsA Connecticut jury awarded a total of $965 million in compensatory damages to 15 plaintiffs for defamation, slander, and emotional distress. Prior to that, he was ordered to pay nearly $50 million during the first of his three trials related to Sandy Hook in August. The jury also awarded the parents to cover attorney’s fees and costs. He is owed more than a billion dollars in total.

And surprisingly, Alex, who was not in the courtroom, reacted to the massive loss during a live show. InfoWars – Calling the verdict nothing more than a “joke”. she shouted:

“It must be what the hell is like – they just read damages, even if you don’t get the money.”

that How the hell must be? What about losing your children to gun violence? pathetic.

Jones also requested his audience for donations – but not to pay. He assured them that the money would be No go to families but will be funneled into his company instead, free speech system, which he filed for bankruptcy over the summer. He told the audience:

“Not going to happen. There’s no money. I killed the kids, guys, they think. Now, remember I’m in bankruptcy. We’ve got a two-year appeal. The money you donate goes to these people.” Does not pass.

You can see what Alex said for himself below – if you can stomach it:

The media executive also claimed that the verdict was meant to “scare” everyone and said he “could keep them in court for years.” seriously?! He continued:

“They want to scare us into questioning Uvalde or Parkland. We are not going away. We’re not going to stop.”

“We’re not going to stop.” very nice.

Alex’s lack of remorse for his actions is truly disgusting. He says he has apologized several times for spreading lies about the carnage – but has he turned back and announced that he is going to “fight this hoax”? And he dared to beg for money, but not for the damages that were inflicted on the victims by his terrible actions? seriously? F**k this guy.

During this his lawyer Mohd. Norm Pattis, also confirmed to reporters that they plan to appeal against the decision. To ABC News, He said outside the court:

“Clearly, from start to finish, there was a fix in this case. We disagree with the grounds of default, we disagree with court evidence rulings. In more than 200 trials during my career, I’ve never seen a trial like this.” ,

Alex will now face a third test in Texas that could end with an even bigger prize – so we’ll have to see how it turns out. Reactions to the situation, Perezcious readers? Tell us in the comments.

[Image via WHAS11/YouTube]

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