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[Download 100%] – Alia Mansa Serial Alia Sanjeev After Baby Reentry: Body Weight

Now it is confirmed that small screen actress Alia Mansa will definitely enter the serial by taking off her clothes. Her husband Sanjeev has questioned Alia about this. Alia has also given a clear answer to this.

Raja Rani serial Vijay starring Alia Manasa and Sanjeev is one of the successful serials on Vijay TV.
Alia Manasa made her debut as an actress on the small screen with this serial. Earlier, the artist participated in the television dance show ‘Manada Mayilada’ as a contestant. She fell in love and married Sanjeev, who was acting as a couple in the serial Raja Rani. After getting pregnant after marriage, the serial left the small screen. Later, 6 months after giving birth, she made a comeback. Raja Rani 2 was signed to play the lead role in the serial. Sidhu acted opposite him.

While mixing the serial DR, Alia revealed that she is pregnant for the second time. After that in the 9th month, he left the serial. Initially, fans thought that post Alia’s delivery, Bharathi would return to star as Kannamma Venba. But then Alia left the serial forever. Now she is playing the character of Riya in the serial Raja Rani 2.

It has been 4 months since Alia gave birth to her second child and many fans are eagerly waiting for her re-entry. Like the first part of Raja Rani, Raja Rani 2 was also a super duper hit because of Alia Manasa. Alia, who has earned a huge fan following, is currently spending time with her family, kids and husband. But fans can watch Alia everyday only on Alia – Sanjeev YouTube channel. Meanwhile, Aaliya, who is gaining weight after her second child and enjoying her motherwood time, is asked by her husband Sanjeev about Rein Trai.

Alia replied, “If you are going to act in a serial, you must be on a diet, you can’t eat properly. So after eating well and being healthy for a few more days, I will lose weight.” And will enter,” he says. Immediately, Sanjeev asks with whom do you want to act, and he points towards Sanjeev and says he is with you. But how can I leave that serial, Sanjeev. Finally Alia gives the fans the good news by saying that she said that she will work with you and not that she wants to act.

Fans have come to know that Alia will definitely re-enter the small screen after a few months.

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