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[Download 100%] – ‘All for you.. I will try for a different story’

A video of Sivakarthikeyan saying, ‘All for you, I will try different storyline’ is going viral on the internet.

After Don, Sivakarthikeyan starred in Prince. The film is directed by Telugu director Anudeep. The film is a comedy about the blossoming love between a Tamil boy and a British girl.

The film featured Sathyaraj, Premji Amaran and others. Manoj Paramhans, who did the cinematography for Beast, and Praveen, who edited the film Kanduran, have teamed up for Prince. Also music composer Thaman.

The film will release on 21st. At this stage the film was sent to the Censor Board. The censors who watched the film gave Prince a U certificate. Sivakarthikeyan’s fans are posting that they can watch the film with their kids along with their family. And the film is made to run for 2 hours 23 minutes.

Meanwhile, the Theater Owners Association has sent a letter to the Tamil Nadu government asking it to allow special screenings for the films releasing on Diwali. Karthi’s Sardar and Sivakarthikeyan’s Rajkumar are hitting the screens for Diwali this year. Presently, promotional events of these films are going on.

Recently a video of Sivakarthikeyan talking about this film is going viral on the internet. In that video, Sivakarthikeyan said, love to all of you…Thank you for all your support, keep giving love, I have been giving love.

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You Know Prince is releasing on October 21. Go with your family and take a picture. It’s a very simple film… Like I said, you who are in the movie can go and watch the movie with your family, smile happily and do your job. The film will be like this.

I tried different Kathakali continuously. The reason I try to do this is to please you anyway. Sivakarthikeyan said in the video that I have dedicated my work for this and thank you for your continued support.

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