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[Download 100%] – Angry at Bharathi Kannamma serial doctor Bharathi Lakshmi: Father

In today’s episode of Bharathi Kannamma, Lakshmi pleads with Dr. Bharathi as Abba Abba. But Bharti did not give up. Instead he gets angry at Kannamma.

Bharathi Kannamma serial is going to end, on one hand a lot of news is already spreading, the story is progressing at an alarming pace. For so long the story has gone like a whirlwind, but the story of the serial is going on as if suddenly the truth is coming out. Bharti gets angry in today’s episode. This is because of Lakshmi. Laxmi accidentally picks up the phone to call and talk to Bharti’s house. Affectionately, Lakshmi pleads with Bharti in the form of Abba Abba.

Are you going to join Pakia – Gobi? The illusion spread by the photo spread on the Internet!

He says forget what happened. But Bharti did not react to this. He leaves the phone angrily and calls Kannamma. Lakshmi shouts that she is calling me father. Kannamma did not understand the reason for this. But it seems that Bharti does not like to call Lakshmi as her father. Immediately Kannamma also starts speaking against it.

Poovarsi is back on Sun TV.. Fans are overjoyed!

Lakshmi checks that she will call him Papa from now on. Bharti is still furious. Both fight alternately. This site is very busy in girlfriend engagement activities. What is going to happen on stage is known only through the promo. But the fans feel that this serial will end with the marriage of Vemba-Rohit. let’s wait and see.

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