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[Download 100%] – Anne Hathaway Recalls ‘HathHat’ During Powerful Speech

Anne Hathaway There is a message for haters.

during allie‘s women in hollywood The incident made headlines on Monday, with the 39-year-old issa rae, Michelle Yoho, Sigourney Weaver, Ariana Debos, Mindy Kaling, zo kravitz, nina garcia, Olivia WildeAnd Sydney Sweeney – And Anne took the opportunity to make waves.

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The Star Reflected on Her Best Supporting Actress in 2013 Once Around Oscar to win Les Miserables, where she was receiving copious amounts of online vitriol, sometimes referred to on social media as #HthaHate. Unfortunately that hatred reflected his own self-deprecating views at the time. During a passionate speech, Anne revealed how it all affected her—and how she got through it, beginning:

“Ten years ago, I was given the opportunity to look at the language of hate from a new perspective. For reference – it was a language I employed with myself from the age of 7. And when your own pain suddenly kicks back on you somehow, in, say, the whole amount of the Internet… that’s one thing. When this happened to me, I realized that this was not the case. This was not the place. When what happened happened, I realized that I had no desire to do anything with this line of energy. at any level. I will no longer make art from this place. I will no longer hold room for it, live in fear of it, nor speak its language for any reason. to anyone. including me.”

It’s so sad that she needed to change her self-image in order to receive the hate from online trolls, but we’re glad she was able to learn from it and eventually turn a new, positive, loving leaf. He continued:

“Because there is a difference between existence and behavior, you can judge behavior. You can forgive behavior or not. But you don’t have the right to judge — and especially not hate — someone for existing. And if you do, you’re not where he is.”

interstellar The star then expressed her “firm belief that we are born experiencing love”:

“And then we build into a culture of wrongful hatred, unhealed injury, and toxicity that is a byproduct of both… Good The news about hate being learned is that he who has learned can learn. There is a mind. I hope they give themselves a chance to learn love again.”

It is probably safe to assume that raising sons Jonathan6, and jack2, with husband Adam Shulman, also contributed a lot for the change in mindset. She had the opportunity to raise these young men to perpetuate the love with which she had spoken of being born. We are meant to break all negative generational norms!

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The award winner previously spoke out his hatred in 2014 Ellen interview, addressing a story called Why does everyone hate Anne Hathaway?, which she had a hard time overcoming because she didn’t “love” herself. However, it inspired her to begin her “journey”, which eventually led her to “a place where, perhaps not every minute of every day, but more than I used to, I have access to everyone. There is so much love and compassion for me and the best part is that I have it for myself, which I have never experienced before.” See more (below):

You tell them Anne! Self love is power! What are your thoughts, Perezius readers? Let us know in the comments below)!

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