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[Download 100%] – Arnav: Arnav called another actress home alone? for the league

In this case, an audio has been released in which he called Rihanna, who worked with him in Kalyanparisu 2 serial, saying that there is no one at home and come home. Arnav, speaking in the audio, asks Anita, did you tell her that I misbehaved with you? Rihanna replied, ‘Remember when you invited me to your flat? You called me and asked me to come to your apartment and there was no one there. If you had called me when you and Divya were there, I would have come. But did you call me? There is no one in the apartment and no one asks questions. I’m going to bite you and eat you. You said that my finger would not touch you without your permission. I didn’t come because I knew what you were calling me for the way you called.”

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