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[Download 100%] – Asim who cried for the same thing in Bigg Boss Tembi Tembi

Asim and Janani are crying in today’s promo of Bigg Boss. Both are pacified by fellow rivals.

It has been 9 days since Bigg Boss season 6 started. Bigg Boss, which started with 20 contestants, now has 21 contestants. Maina Nandini joined Sunday’s episode. This week the head of the household is GP Muthu. In this match Janani and GB Muthu stood and played till the end. Eventually GB became the head of the Pearl House. In such a situation, the promo of today’s episode is out now. In which the story telling task has been announced to the contestants as this week’s weekly task.

What is happening in Bigg Boss? Controversy erupted over original glitch!

This means that each contestant must tell a story. Contestants can keep quiet if their story is interesting or if they feel they need to know it completely. If you don’t want to press the red button. If 3 red lights flashes, the contestant is eliminated. The rules of Bigg Boss state that the one who completes the story in this task is the winner.

Asim starts telling the story. Let’s talk about marriage, diver, son. Meanwhile Mahalakshmi, Shanti and Maheshwari press the red beacon button and they leave without ending their story. Asim comes out and starts crying bitterly.

The same is the story of Janani. Vikraman, Thanalakshmi and Ayesha press the red light button and tell the story that he and I are working for our family and he leaves without completing the work. Janani comes out crying and Rachita consoles her.

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