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[Download 100%] – Athirnichal Janani Appa Nachiyappan Athir Neechal Next:

Fans are waiting for a big twist in the upcoming week’s episode of Anti Swimming Serial.

Badoo has been moving fast in the script since the very first day of the telecast of the anti-swimming serial. Janani, who was living her father’s dream as her own, finally finds out that she has been fooled by Adi Gunasekhar’s family. Like the other three daughters-in-law, they too have a desire that the mother should be a slave in the house. But the mother questions everything. Because of this Guna thinks of sending Janani out of the house. But every time his attempt ends in failure.

Melana Ragam in extreme enthusiasm.

Similarly, the mother’s father, Nachiappan also came to know the whole truth. Guna is unable to accept that his MBA-educated daughter is now doing housework. But the mother sent him to school to write the exam. This makes it a lot more fierce. As usual he incites Shakti against the mother. He sent Ishwari out of the house.

Nayanthara – Vignesh Shivan will hoist the national flag in Spain!

What will Shakti punish the mother-in-law next? As is not known, information about the next phase of the story has been revealed. That is, Nachiappan meets Gautam and talks. For the sake of the daughter, Nachiappan broke the friendship of Gautam-Janani. But today Gautam has joined Guna’s enemy company. The mother does not know this. In such a situation, pictures of Nachiappan’s meeting and conversation with Gautam have surfaced on the Internet. If this is the case then it means that Janani and Gautam are going to meet soon. Fans are waiting for that moment.

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