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[Download 100%] – Baba Raghavendra / about actor Rajinikanth Khushi and his films

I have seen money, fame and big politicians. But actor Rajinikanth said at a spiritual event in Chennai that happiness and peace is not even 10 per cent of it and happiness and peace in life is not permanent.

Rajinikanth released the Tamil book of Yogatha Satsang, titled A Successful Life through Kriya Yoga, at an event organized by Yogatha Satsanga Society of India in Nungambakkam, Chennai.

Later actor Rajinikanth started his speech on stage with Om Guruve Charanam. ‘He told me I’m a great actor here, I don’t know if it’s praise or not. Though I have worked in many films, Raghavendra and Baba are the only ones who gave me self-satisfaction.

Many people came to know about Raghavendra and Baba only after the release of these two films. Many said that they went to Himalayas after Baba’s film.
In this movement my fans have become sannyasins. But still I am here as an actor.

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There are some herbs available in the Himalayas and if you eat them, you will get the necessary energy and vitamins for a week. It is more important to leave this world without getting sick than to take away the property. If you are ill, others may suffer. Therefore, physical health is very important for a person. If not, you should go and join when you are happily walking without going to the hospital. I even went to the hospital twice.

For rationalists, rationalists belong to the West. But the scientists of those countries accepted the Kriya Yoga of Paramahansa Yogananda. I have seen money, fame, fame and great politicians. But happiness is not even 10 percent. Because happiness and peace don’t last forever,’ he said.

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