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[Download 100%] – Baddie on a budget?! TikTok Gworlz are saving money and

tiktok is ultimate Spot on for viral life hacks. With over 88 billion views on the app under the Lifehack hashtag, this is the place for girls to stay in the loop and stay on top of trends.

Buddy on a budget?!

The latest hack on the internet comes widely from gworlz who are saving their coin and buying high end designer replicas.

If you have spent some time on TikTok, you have noticed that users show their designer searches from sites like DHGate, Aliexpress, and others. The latest TikTok girls have found an affordable way to sift through.

User @thebarbieari0 shared videos of him unboxing his replica. A video that currently has 3.3 million views shows several Gucci, Jordans, Chanel and Louis Vuitton items.

“When they think you’re rich but it’s all from DH Gate,” he wrote in his video, which was posted in August 2022.

Another video showed a woman unboxing a DHGate Christian Dior replica that was bought for $60. The actual price of the bag on the fashion label site is $3350.00.

Drip or Down?!

There was a time when getting caught up with a “knockoff”, “fake”, or “replica” was socially unacceptable and capable of ruining one’s fashion credibility. Now, the idea isn’t as embarrassing as it was years ago.

Why are they doing this?! Well, looks like girls are becoming financially responsible.

Today, designer replicas are becoming more accepted among Generation Z. There are thousands of YouTube halls and TikTok trends showing a twentysomething showing off their luxury knockoffs bought at 90% off the retail price.

Others believe you can’t tell the difference and that the quality is as good as the authentic item.

Hack or Wack?!

Some parts of the world are in frenzy in the Dhagat craze. While some have no shame in their game, others are asking “Aren’t you ashamed?”

Twitter users’ reactions show a different side of this cheap life hack.

#TeaMates, so what’s the general consensus – does the designer go the fake way?!

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