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[Download 100%] – Bakialakshmi serial next week for Radhika Gopi Shaadi: Gopi

The episode of Gopi-Radhika’s wedding in Pakalakshmi serial will be aired next week. Fans are waiting for this much awaited moment.

From the beginning of this serial, Gopi had only one wish to marry Radhika. Because of this Gopi did not perform one or two plays. The one who tells so many lies and steals is finally going to marry Radhika. That too as per Radhika’s idea, he is going to formally divorce Pakia and take Radhika as his second wife. These sensational episodes of the serial will be telecasted next week.

You got caught so early, etc.. What is Sandhya going to do?

In today’s episode, Gopi and Radhika leave for the hall. Similarly, Pakiya also goes out for cooking orders. Ishwari Amma could not keep calm at home. He mourns with Ramamurthy. He also decides to meet and talk to Gopi. Accordingly he calls Gopi. He asks to come to the nearby temple. Gobi is also going. Ramamurthy asks his son not to beg for marriage. But Kobe was not the one to change the decision. He says that this marriage will happen.

Big twist in Valli marriage serial.. Vasundhara’s truth!

Gobi’s father also vows to stop this marriage in return. Gopi clearly goes on saying that Pakiya is no longer in my life. Looks like Gopi and Radhika will meet Pakia at the wedding hall next week. Not only this, will Gopi get married? No, will Ishwari Amma and Ramamurthy end the marriage at the last minute? The expectation among the fans is high.

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