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[Download 100%] – Bakiya Gopi Court Scene Bakiyalakshmi Episode Gopi Bakiya:

Bhagyalakshmi serial has become hot again. The promo of the sensational scene of divorce has now surfaced.

The Bhakalakshmi serial, which created panic on the small screen, has now reached its peak. After Gopi was caught red handed, the goat left the house. The whole family scolds Gopi. Well, if Gobi thinks he will realize the mistake he made recently, Gobi plans to betray the family again. That means for now he thinks he can lie and bring Bakiya home, give her a diver and leave her with Radhika.

Ishwari is a counter swimmer who will say wow!

According to this plan, he goes and talks to Pakia. In the end Radhika’s name comes even as she vows to play destiny there. The cake breaks. She decides that it will not be right to be with Gopi from now on. He says that he will come home the next day and will go to court. That is, the case of Gobi-Bakhia diver is coming for trial and he says that he is going to go there and give his consent for divorce.

Anchor protection will be seen.. Photos which are getting likes!

Ishwari’s mother, Ramamurthy’s grandfather, Chezhiyan all say no. But Pakia is not in a position to listen to anyone. Egil stands with Pakia. In such a situation, the promo of today’s episode has been released. Pakia goes to the court and says that she is fine with the divorce. But it is self-respect that beats Gobi. He gives a befitting reply by talking about respect and disappointment.

The judge noted the clarity of Pakia’s speech. Finally, he orders the divers to deliver as requested by both of them.

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