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[Download 100%] – Bakiyalakshmi Marriage Case Radhika Gopi Kalyanam: Gopi –

The episodes of Gopi – Radhika Ki Shaadi are being telecasted on Bhakyalakshmi without any enthusiasm. Will you get married? Will Pakia meet Gobi? Fans are eagerly watching the serial.

Pakia doesn’t know that we are going to cook food for Gobi’s wedding. Ms. Akka and Jenny have all left for the hall. Ms. Akka is only interested to know about the groom. He reads the welcome board outside. It says in English Gopi waits for Radhika. He studied writing till Gopinath. Before the manager comes to read Radhika’s name, Ms. Akka walks in.

You got caught so early, etc.. What is Sandhya going to do?

Radhika and Gopi reach the hall in no time. Pakia also comes out to talk on the phone as her family takes her inside. Meanwhile, they are looking for Sejhiyan and Egil Dada who are at home. Similarly, Iswari Bhatti is considered to be unhappy and happy. God is unable to speak the truth.

Lakshmi Ramakrishnan, who has been helping the program participants for 8 years, is true!

In the hall, Pakia speaks loudly on the phone, only Gopi hears the voice. Gopi searches for Pakia’s voice. But by then Radhika’s brother gives her a speech. Pakiyum Dulha – Who is the Bride? He is interested to know. How will Pakia’s reaction be if she comes to know that it is Radhika-Gopi? It is not known.

Ramamurthy Dutta comes home early. It remains suspense as to what is his plan to stop the marriage.

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