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[Download 100%] – Bakiyalakshmi sheds light on today Buckyala meets Radhika: For me

The promo of today’s sensational episode of Pakalakshmi serial is out. Pakia meets and talks to Radhika personally.

Bhagyalakshmi is one such serial which is making a splash in the TRP ratings of the small screen serial. In which the last twist is being seen every week. Pakia knows all the truth about Gopi. Not only Pakia, but the whole family has come to know. Now everyone is angry with Gobi. His dear daughter Iniya has said that she will not talk to Gopi anymore. Pakia also left the house. Now Bakhia, who cooks food in Gud, lives with her sister.

Something like this is going to happen in Aamir’s life.. Good luck!

Everyone is waiting for Pakiya to come home. In yesterday’s episode, Gopi bursts into tears seeing that the entire family is troubling. The story goes in such a way that he realizes his mistake. In such a situation, the sensational promo of today’s episode has come out. In an unexpected twist, Pakia talks to Radhika. All the fans are eagerly waiting for this moment.

Ms. Akka and Pakia go to Radhika’s house. There, Pakia asks Radhika, “Radhika, why did you cheat on me? Then Ms. Akka says, we all know the truth.” Then Radhika learns that Pakia knows everything.

“I didn’t do that, teacher, I didn’t cheat you,” cries Radhika. Pakia takes out all the anger in her mind. Is it true? No, is this Radhika’s dream? Which will be revealed in tonight’s episode.

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