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[Download 100%] – Bharathi Kannamma Climax Next BhartiyaKannamma Serial : Bharathi

Will the Bharathi Kannamma serial airing on Vijay TV end soon? Doubts have arisen for the fans. The reason for this is the promo of Bharathi Kannamma serial to be released on YouTube.

All the netizens know that fans are constantly registering on social media to make the Bharathi Kannamma series come to an end as soon as possible. The director hijacked this serial for about 5 years, which was to end with a DNA test. Although it was fine, but the actors and actresses who acted in the serial left one after the other, causing a huge setback to the serial. After Roshini exited the show, the team of the serial added her lookalike Vinusha Devi as the new Kannamma. Although this serial has been boring the fans for some time now.

Lakshmi Ramakrishnan, who has been helping the program participants for 8 years, is true!

The terror episode that aired for the last 2 weeks is finally over. Bharathi, Kannamma, Lakshmi Hema, Akhilan, Anjali all returned home. In such a situation, as a sudden change in Bharti Kannamma series, the script of the serial is progressing rapidly. Kannamma and Bharti are now in the same house. Bharathi also goes to Kannamma and apologizes. He also says thanks.

Everyone cooks and eats at the same time. Here Venba thinks about this and bursts into anger. On the one hand, Venba is actively preparing for the wedding. Lakshmi gets to know the truth about Bharti. Bharti learns that Lakshmi knows everything. Bharti also gets to know the truth about Hema.

Alia is very lucky… The crowd of fans is cheering! What is the matter?

So if Bharti takes the last DNA test, the result of the whole problem will be known. Similarly, there are reports that a new serial will be telecasted on Vijay TV as soon as possible. So the fans feel that the Bharathi Kannamma series may end soon. But what is the director’s verdict? nobody knows.

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