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[Download 100%] – Bharathi Kannamma Hema Amma Appa BK serial next week : Hema

The exciting promo of Bharathi Kannamma serial for next week’s episode is out now. The time is near for Hema to learn the truth about Kannamma.

The secret of Bharati – Kannamma’s 9 years is already known to Lakshmi. Laxmi knows all the facts except the reason for the Kannamma-Bharti breakup. Knowing everything, Lakshmi hides her affection for her mother Kannamma and leaves quietly. But Hema doesn’t know any truth till now but when Hema comes to know that the name of the mother who cooks the food is Kannamma, then who is her mother? what would he look like? Hema wants to know. Doubt comes.

It is not even 1 year since the birth of the child.. Fans were surprised to see Willie Venba!

For so long Hema felt that her mother was dead and Vitter. Bharti also kept telling her the same thing, due to which Hema decided to remarry Bharti. But now Hema has started feeling that her mother is alive. Thereafter, Hema asks Bharti to see Amma as her birthday present.

Are the power-mothers going to break? The director put a twist on counter-swimming!

Hema tells Bharti to see Amma as a birthday present in the currently released Purmo. Bharti is also right. But who will play the role of Mother Bharati? It is not known. In such a situation, Kannamma talks to Soundarya in this matter.

Kannamma then threatens Bharti that she will kill Bharti at home if she pretends to be another woman as Hema’s mother. Soundarya was not surprised. Thus Kannamma promised that she would show her father on Lakshmi’s birthday and eventually it became a fuse. What happens on Hema’s birthday? Do not know.

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