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[Download 100%] – Bigg Boss Season 6 GP Muthu’s entry in the house, intro video goes viral

Bigg Boss Season 6 Contest GP Muthu’s participation has been officially announced. In this connection, his first video released today is going viral.

GP Muthu is quite famous on video platforms like Tik Tok, YouTube and Instagram. Along with the biggest star, he has become famous in Tamil Nadu and Tamil areas.

There were reports that GP Muthu will participate in Bigg Boss Season 6. In such a situation, in the program of Bigg Boss 6 which started from today, GP. Muthu’s participation has been officially announced.

In this regard, the team of Vijay TV Bigg Boss has released a video. KGF in it. The background score of the film was given by GP The visuals of the pearl getting ready are thrilling.

Another level review! Come to Kannada cinema! Gandhara is coming in Tamil too!

‘I could not see the address of the letter coming by post. Look up the pin code in the address. This landmark does not have a pin code. KGF dialogue ‘No Stamp Need’ played in background, GP Scenes from Muthu’s hometown of Ebenkudi and Ebenkudi post office are shown.

In front of the house There are scenes of Muthu’s fans gathering and cheering for the leader, then GP Videos include Muthu introducing himself, crawling on the streets with his wife, buying ice cream for his kids without paying money, entering Tik Tok, suffering from corona, and hundreds of mail piles at the Ebenkudi post office.

VJ Maheshwari will enter Bigg Boss house to shine again on the small screen.

GP tells his kids about participating in Bigg Boss. His son tells Pearl ‘I was waiting for you to appear on the show’.

When asked how many days it will stay, another daughter teases GP Muthu, ‘You will not stay even for 10 days’. In the end, fans kept pestering me saying, “When are you going, sir?” Let me tell them something. I am participating in this Big Boss. The video ends with ‘Look, I’m going to be a slime’.

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