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[Download 100%] – BTS Before Fame: What Jin, Suga, JHope, RM, Jimin, V, & Jungkook Did Prior They Became K-pop Stars

Image Source : INSTAGRAM/BTS._OFFICIAL.18 BTS members

BTS before fame: BTS is not only the most successful boyband from South Korea but also one of the most popular bands across the world presently. The septet Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, & Jungkook are loved by fans and now as they embark on new journeys and focus on solo projects their fandom will be growing individually. Know more about each of the BTS members and learn what they did before they became K-pop idols!


Born in 1992, Jin’s real name is Kim Seok-jin. He is the eldest BTS member. Jin wanted to become an actor also joined acting school for the same. When Jin was a student in secondary school student, he was scouted by SM Entertainment. But he thought it was a scam and hence he let go of the offer. Later, he was signed by Big Hit Entertainment and he made his debut with BTS.


BTS leader Kim Nam-joon or RM was born in 1994. Not only good at music but RM is also scholarly and has an IQ of 148. He scored in the top 1% of the nation in the university entrance examinations for language, math, foreign language and social studies. He has also studied in New Zealand. Before making it big with BTS, RM became active in the underground Korean hip-hop scene. He was known as Runch Randa then. 


Suga, whose real name is Min Yoon-gi was born in 1993. He spent a major part of his life in his hometown of Daegu. Suga was drawn to be a rapper after listening to the song “Ragga Muffin” by Stony Skunk. After hearing Epik High, he decided he wants to rap too. At 13 he began his music training. He also started working in a recording studio at 17. Thus began his musical journey of writing, composing and producing songs. Before joining BTS, he was known as Gloss, an underground rapper.


Jung Ho-seok, born in 1994 in popularly known as J-Hope. Before BTS, he use to perform as a street dancer in his hometown. While J-Hope is known for his stunning dance moves, you’d be surprised to know that when he was in elementary school, the K-pop idol thought of pursuing tennis as his career. 


Park Ji-min aka Jimin who was born in the year 1995, is the best dancer in the boyband. He has been trained in contemporary dance at Busan High School of Arts. At his teacher’s suggestion, he went to audition for Big Hit Entertainment and the rest is history as they say.

V aka Kim Tae-hyung was born in 1995. Unlike, all other members, V hails from a family of farmers. Born in Daegu and raised in Geochang. Since childhood. his father encouraged him to learn saxophone and there was a time when he even wanted to become a professional saxophonist. He didn’t plan BTS. It just happened by accident. He was at the audition to support his friend, in Daegu. But a staff member insisted that he should audition. He took the advice and now he is V of BTS. DYK the other stage names suggested for him were Lex and Six but he chose V.


The youngest of the lot, Jeon Jung-kook was born in 1997. He auditioned for the talent show Superstar K but was rejected. however, he got offers from Entertainment companies. He chose to be a part of BTS because he was so impressed by the group leader RM. Reports claim that there was a time when he wanted to be a badminton player. 

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