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[Download 100%] – Chakra Movie Review – Fast paced, but soulless action thriller

Fast-paced, but soulless action thriller

2.25 / 5

What is the movie about?

On Independence Day, 49 robberies take place in the city of Hyderabad, leaving the whole police in shock and confusion.

One of the heist items is Chandru’s Ashok Chakra medal aka Subhash Chandra Bose’s father (Vishal). It is a pride of his family and honor. How Chandru, a military officer, tracks down the criminal is what the movie is about?


Chandru’s role is bread and butter for Vishal. He specializes in these types of parts that allow him to stretch his muscles and make romance with a lady when possible. The latter is missing here, but there is plenty on the former. He just sails through the procedure like a knife cutting the butter.

Directed by Puri Jagannad?

MS Anandan’s Chakra is a typical action entertainer that involves a cop and a thief. The difference here from the routine is the background of the antagonist. It’s seen from the director’s point of view. If we look at the same from Vishal side, it is a different variant of Abhimanyudu.

The opening of the film itself hooks someone into the story. Forty-nine robberies that happen in one day are enough to grab the attention of the public. The logic of that is doomed.

Once the movie gets underway, MS Anandan never slows down the pace. Apart from the few romantic altercations between the hero and the heroine, no time is wasted. Even in that segment, the critical element ‘Chakra’ is neatly designed.

The entire first half, after the hero takes over, shown as assisting, is a fast and thrilling ride. Much happens without giving the audience time to think. It can be overwhelming at times because of one technical jargon used every now and then. But that’s okay.

The interval block revelation is nicely done. It raises expectations for the second half.

However, those expectations immediately collapse when the second half begins. The emotional backstory slows down the procedure.

Things get back on track as the sequence of events is scheduled for the second mega theft. The whole stretch until a face-to-face battle is done right for a commercial site.

Unfortunately for the movie the problem develops in these parts as well. The antagonist is attenuated with each passing block. It quickly becomes a one-way street (hero domination). Once the balance is lost, the story loses grip. Whatever happens later, it seems like an extension of the inevitable.

Chakra Review --- Fast, but soulless action thrillerThe end is stretched and lacks the desired impact. At this point Chakra feels like a very different movie from where it started.

Generally, Chakra provides rapid tension in the first half and parts of the second half. But lacks the overall impact like Abhimanyudu. Give it a try if you like action thrillers with something unique.


Shraddha Srinath is technically in charge of the investigation, making her the lead story-wise. However, when it comes to the story, she becomes a sidekick. Everything she plans to do is cut by the hero. Srinath has some shocking actions to do where she shows the potential of an action heroine.

Regina Cassandra is the real deal when it comes to female leads. But she also dominates the course as long as she remains anonymous. The characterization gradually weakens in the second half.

Apart from them, there is comedian Robo Shankar doing his usual. The rest of the actors, Manobala, KR Vijaya etc. have hardly any scenes to register.

Music and other departments?

There are no songs in the traditional sense, the film is a relief. It’s all about the background score and Yuvan Shankar Raja makes it as hard as he can with all the techno glitter. The cinematography is fine, while the editing makes the procedure look rushed. Writing is normal for the course.



To take off

First half


Weak flashback

Antagonist after revelation

Feeling rushed


Take alternative

Chakra itself feels like an alternate version of Abhimanyudu. It is on similar grounds and inferior in every way.

Did I enjoy it?

Yes, in parts

Will you recommend it?

Yes, but with reservations

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