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[Download 100%] – Chellamma Sidhu Chellamma Serial Updates Sidhu : To Chellamma

In today’s episode of Chellamma serial, an astrologer says that Rajkumaran will come and marry Chellamma. Sidhu was happy hearing this.

The Chellamma serial, which is aired on Vijay TV, is being broadcast vigorously. Chellamma is a servant in that house without knowing that he is the real heir. Megha does not like the whole family being crazy about Chellamma, giving importance to Sidhu Chellamma, picking flowers. Megha knew that she was not the heir of this house. But he hides this thinking that not everyone should know about this. At the same time he lives in the shadow of fear.

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In such a situation, Chellamma has to save Megha from a big problem. This leads to a soft corner on Chellamma to Megha. Similarly, Sidhu has love, kindness and love for Chelama more than Megha. He has not said this openly yet. But he keeps appearing everywhere. Chelamma also sees this. As the Sidhu-Megha wedding is approaching, everyone heads to the Kuladeva temple to celebrate Pongal.

Chelamma does all the work. It was at this time that a fortune-telling woman in the temple saw Chellamma’s hand and gave fortune-telling. Then he gives the first blow by saying that your parents are alive and not dead. Soon you are going to get married for the second time. Rajkumaran is about to come and get married. He says your daughter Malar is going to become princess. Chelamma also could not believe it. Sidhu asks this from behind. When the old lady Chellamma said this to Kai, Sidhu could not hold back his joy. It’s OK Sidhu, What About Mega Situation?

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