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[Download 100%] – Colors Tamil Jameela promo gets more likes: Jameela’s life

Colors Tamil has released the third promo of the Jameela series.

Jameela’s series Colors Tamil, which narrates the complicated journey of a young woman who looks forward to achieving her goals, airs on October 10 at 7 pm.

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Entertainment channel Colors Tamil has released the third promo of its all new fictional show Jameela series, which has captured the interest and attention of the audience as it depicts the dreams of a woman who embodies many emotions. The show, which begins airing on October 10 at 7 PM, tells the story of a girl who is unable to start her musical journey due to a past tragedy that happened to her family.

Jameela Serial

The third promo featuring actor Ajayi in the lead role continues with the question of Oliperuguma with AK (actor Ajayi) coming into the life of Jameela (Tanvi Rao). Why did she give herself the gift of melody and set up a difficult life that pits her family against her passion for music? The promo continues with a prayer and questioning scene to God. Meanwhile, in the promo, AK is also shown worshiping in the temple.

Jameela Serial

The priests call him Anand Khanna. Jameela prays and begs him to show her a ray of hope. This is how AK, who changed his name to Abdul Kader to live in Jameela’s house, introduces himself. What is AK’s true identity and what is the turning point in Jameela’s life that he is going to take, it will surely leave the audience mesmerized.

Emphasizing that every girl should strive with all her heart to achieve her goals and be successful, the series will air on October 10 at 7 PM on Colors Tamil.

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