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[Download 100%] – Controversial contestant of Bigg Boss 6 will be out this week?

Who will be the homeless contestant in Bigg Boss house this week? Its information has been leaked on the Internet.

It has been 2 weeks for Bigg Boss Season 6 and now there are 19 contestants in the house. GP Muthu and dance master Shanti left last week. In this, Shanti came out with the number of votes of the people. GB Muthu left the game at halftime for his son. Currently in Bigg Boss house Asal Kolar, Shivin Ganesan, Mohammad Asim, Robert Master, Ayesha, Sherina, Manikand Rajesh, Rakshita Mahalakshmi, Ram Ramasamy, Aryan Dinesh Kanakaratnam, Janani, Shanti, Vikraman, Amudavanan, Maheshwari Chanakyan, VJ Kathiravan, There are Quincy Stanley, Niva, Thanalakshmi.

Vijay TV serial actress mother of a child at the age of 40!

Asim got a lot of negative comments. His speech, fighting, anger and aggressive behavior tease the fans. On the other hand, Rachita, Amudavanan, Thanalakshmi and Vikraman have got a great response from the fans. Looks like Kamal will definitely warn Asim for the way Asim behaved towards Thanalakshmi this week. Meanwhile, fans are also waiting for the short film.

The Asimukuret card was warned last week. But the fans are saying that they don’t feel like it. In such a situation, Asim, Ayesha, Maheshwari, Asal Kolar and Thanalakshmi are in the eviction list this week. The original Kolar is said to have received fewer votes and is more likely to leave the house this week. Not only this, the original way of treating women has created a lot of controversy. The effect is that he is expected to leave the original home this week.

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