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[Download 100%] – Cooking With Komli A great opportunity to go in search of fruit? =- cook

There are reports on the internet that Kani of Komali fame Cook is going to enter the field as an anchor.

For small screen fans, the first thing that comes to mind about Kani Akka is her Tamil and cooking skills. The elder daughter of director Agathiyan, she became the title winner of the second season of Komli with Cook.
He celebrated like this. Kani surprised the cooks by making a variety of dishes. Kani, wife of director Shree, holds many identities on the small screen and silver screen apart from being the elder sister of actresses Vijaya Lakshmi and Niranjani. Kani, who was a TV host and producer, narrated the story of ‘Ponnin Selvan’ to the fans in a very easy way on her YouTube channel.

Controversial photo of Vijay TV celebrity.. why? Explosive fan!

After that, he shows various recipes and gets likes on YouTube. He has 2 daughters. It can be said that Karakkulambu Kani is the biggest inspiration for many women who focus on their husbands on one hand, family on the other and their careers on the other. He anchors programs entirely in Tamil speaking on People’s TV. Apart from this, he is also very interested in fashion designing. He has also worked as a costume designer in a few films on the silver screen.

Kani has got a huge reach through the show Cook with Komli. Kani is also very active on Instagram. In such a situation, news has come that the anchor is looking for him again. It is also said that this time he got a call from Sun TV.

Even after the end of Siddhi 2, there is no dearth of Venba Mausu on the small screen!

In other words, information is spreading on the internet that Kani is going to host the show as an anchor in a cooking show which will soon start on Sun TV. While there is no official information about this, fans on Instagram are trying to clear the doubts by asking Kanye about it. Looks like we’ll get a reply from Kani as soon as possible.

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