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[Download 100%] – DaBaby addresses past drama with DaniLeigh and more!

he will do it! DaBaby rocked the internet last month when she dropped her song ‘Boogeyman’ and mentioned an alleged relationship with Megan Thee Stallion. Now, Baby is finally addressing why he kept the world in his business, along with his previous drama with his youngest daughter, Vellore’s mother, Danielle.

In a recent interview on Ebro in the Morning, the rapper explained why he chose to speak on Megan. Talking to Ebro and Peter Rosenberg, he explained,

“The song was done for real, for real. Damn it’s been going on for almost a year,” he said. I said a long time ago, keep me out of business. it’s a song. It’s out now. Ni** as they can take it how they want to take it. Despite the response from the track, the 30-year-old star still opted not to change the lyrics of the song. “However, I don’t change the lyrics. It doesn’t matter what I say.”

Rosenberg questions why Baby hasn’t changed the lyrics to ‘Boogeyman’. Baby stands by his actions and resolutely replies that he doesn’t change the song. As the interview continued, the Charlotte native also addressed why Megan brought on Tori Lanez during her last Rolling Loud performance in June 2021 after she finished her set.

He advised, “I don’t see it as good or bad. I haven’t invested in that business. Offbeat, like I said, I’ve got a song with him; it’s doing well. I don’t care.” Is.”

As we previously reported, Tori’s appearance at the festival violated her restraining order against Megan.

As the interview continued, the hosts dug into their past drama with Daniels. In November 2021, the world saw the duo live on Instagram. “My daughter is beautiful. Full of love, full of joy, full of laughter. Full of smiles. It’s all good. All is well.” In addition, he expressed that he wishes Dani would have warned his brother Brandon Biles before his brawl at the Los Angeles bowling alley this February.

What are your thoughts on roommates, DaBaby?

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