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[Download 100%] – Dean McDermott’s son blasts mom and defends Tori Spelling: ‘Please

Dean McDermottThe son of is speaking on behalf of his father and stepmother.

Jack Montgomery McDermott Couldn’t be “silent” anymore after my mother, Mary Jo EustaceAccording to his Monday “spread the word” about his family instagram Post. wow, what??

Jack is the son of Mary Jo, who was married to Dean from 1993 to 2006, but is taking the side of the stepmother. tory spelling In this battle. As you probably know, Dean and Tory have been married since 2006, and have five children. And when his mother spoke out against that family unit, he wrote back, out loud In a later deleted post:

“Since my parents’ divorce in 2006, I have rarely spoken out because I preferred to stay out of it. Unfortunately, I can no longer remain silent because of my mother’s recent decision to spread information about my father, stepmother, and my siblings.

The drama began with Dean on the podcast Mary Jo co-hosts (or used to co-host??), ex and uh-ohJack explained:

“About a week ago, my dad decided to walk away from his podcast with my mom “Xs & Uh-Ohs”. He chose to leave because of the negative comments about our family and his constant attempts to smear her character. He also decided to quit due to betraying the trust of the show’s producers and revealing personal information.

personal information? What did he reveal??

Only three installments of the podcast have aired, with the latest one being released by Jack. During the episode, which debuted last Wednesday, Mary Jo explained that the two began the podcast with “a genuine intention to reconnect as friends,” however, things quickly turned sour. She accused Dean of being “absent” and betraying her. He even reprimands her for betraying Tory!

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Amazingly, a personal podcast with your ex in which you air your dirty laundry didn’t work! Who would have thought it??

Dean may have chosen to walk away from the show, but Jack wasn’t going to let it go that easily. She blasted her mom for using the platform to attack Dean and his family:

“For 17 years my father has atone for the mistakes he made in the past. He has grown a lot as a person. until a week ago, where were our two families [sic] To install living in harmony. Along with this podcast, it has created a gulf between our two families and created a divide that I have not been able to heal. Sadly, I’m not sure it can.

The 24-year-old concluded:

“I ask that the information shared on ‘Ex’s & Uh-Ohs’ be taken with a grain of salt. I ask my mother that you please respect me and my blended family. Please reflect on our family dynamic Avoid creating any additional tension. These past few years have been nothing but peace and happiness, and I ask that we try to keep it that way.”

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In response to Jack’s post, a source close to his mother said People,

“I’m sure it’s very hurtful for Mary Jo to hear that her son is talking negatively about her. Unfortunately, the facts stand that it was Dean who was unfaithful and walked out on Mary Jo and the kids and then Tori. It was Mary Jo who did 90 percent of the parenting and has been a loving and consistent parent. At the same time, she respects Jack’s right to express himself. And always will be.

Wow, drama, drama, drama. So much for reconnecting as friends…

Do you think Jack was right in speaking out against his mother? Or should he be allowed to explode for what he’s done to his ex? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

[Images via Jack Montgomery McDermott/Instagram & MEGA/WENN]

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