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[Download 100%] – Didi says Ma$e owes $3M, talks about stealing from artists

Diddy Recently tell the world he’s back out and clearing his name! in an interview with breakfast club, released in October. 5, min. Combs addressed the rumors blurring his musical heritage.

For years, people online have discussed how Didi allegedly does business. Artists who have worked with him in the past fuel these conversations with narratives of the hip-hop mogul robbing him. And ma$e is on the list of accused.

But, according to Diddy’s recent sit-down, the rapper Give him a bag instead of the other side! And to no one’s surprise, Didi says that she has never stolen from anyone.

“If you think I’m a badass who will steal anything anytime, my name is Didi Sean Combs. I’ve never taken anything from anyone in a day in my life. All I’ve given is opportunity And there is more money than a person is earning,” he said. “So when I hear or see things and I feel that vibe on me like I am Big Red or something. I opened the doors.

Didi says the thief talks when “the money is running out”

Following Didi’s statement above, Charlemagne was god Asked him about the theft directly from the artists. The producer immediately claimed that he never did so. Charlemagne then asked Didi where he thought the thief story came from.

“People have this thing called the tap-out button. When you get to a certain point and money is running out, you have to run into this race to try to blame someone, Diddy said. “I have all my receipts. We’re going to have a special, retrospective action with all the cast members and we’re going to clarify this narrative.”

It’s unclear when that particular picket will end, but he also spoke about his relationship with one of his accusers, Ma$e. You may recall that the rapper took to Instagram to inform Brother Love about his publication and coins in 2020.

“…if you want to see change, you can start with yourself today,” wrote Ma$i. “You still got my publication 24 years ago in which you gave me $20K. Which makes me never want to work with you because no artist knows that someone is robbing you and tarnishing your name when you don’t want to follow his terrible business model.” He added, “There’s no hiding behind ‘love’ anymore. u changed? Give the artist their $$$ back. so that they can take care of their families.”

Didi says Ma$e owes her $3 million, but claims she doesn’t want any beef.

Ma$e. But didi did not misuse her words while speaking Breakfast Club. He took on the rapper’s claims – even addressing his tenure as a pastor.

“I did an album with Ma$e. An album. What do you think I owe this guy,” Didi said. “One album and then he became a fake pastor and went and duped people And then you all let him throw dirt in the name of God.”

bad boy records The owner challenged anyone leveling the charges against him to show his receipt.

“Anyone can come and step in, bring their receipts, but I’m not playing,” said Didi. “I’m back out and I’m fighting back for us and I’m fighting a little bit for me too.”

Charlemagne followed Didi’s statement with the question, “How much money do you owe someone like Ma$i?”

“Ma$e owed me $3 million dollars. The fact is, I got the receipt,” said Didi.

with indication from DJ EnvyOf , Diddy confirmed that he paid Ma$e coins for a second album, but the rapper never delivered. Despite this, Diddy says he won’t go back and forth with anyone, including Ma$i.

“If I’m here I’m going to speak for myself now,” he said. Didi later said, “The truth is the truth, but as long as I hang out, we get to the truth. I’m not trying to start anything with anyone. Ma$e, I love ma. $e. And I’ll tell anyone, anyone thinks I’m indebted to them, show me the receipt, you get paid in 24 hours.”

In July, Ma$e was accused of repeating Diddy’s alleged business moves with another artist. At the time, Fivio Foreign said it had previously signed a deal with Ma$e and had only received an advance of $5,000.

“No, I gave him $750,000,” Mace said during a million dollar worth of game Interview In August, the host interrupted and asked, “You never gave her $5,000?” Mace replied, “At one time I gave him $5,000, but I gave him $750,000.”

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