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[Download 100%] – Director Amir has said that the Tamil Nadu government should be strict

Tamil Nadu government should take strict action to stop the gradual deaths of students in schools. Film director Aamir said in Puducherry that otherwise it will be a big headache.

Film director Aamir, who arrived in Puducherry to attend a private event, gave an interview to the media. Speaking at that time, he said that since 2014, no government has been formed for the people in India. It remains a rule for corporate owners. He said that from now on there is no option to travel by only one route.

Also BJP’s policy is to overthrow the government through governor and establish its rule or buy MLAs and come to power. If someone comes against him, files a case against him or throws himself out, what happens in this regime.

This is a tyrannical regime in the name of democracy, director Aamir criticized as they are not going to change anytime soon. Slowly people are starting to understand this. Its effect is more visible in North India. But what happens there is not told in South India. He also said that it will resonate in the future. He also said that it would not take long for the influence of Sri Lanka to reach India.

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Congratulating the Tamil Nadu government for organizing the Chess Olympiad, he said the death of school students is a matter of shame for the state government. Director Amir said that the Tamil Nadu government should stop the chain of deaths in schools or else the government will stand on its head and it is regrettable that more action is being taken against the protests against the school administration.

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