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[Download 100%] – Director Hari cares more on Yanai film, said hero for himself

Actor Arun Vijay has flexibly said that director Hari has put extra attention on himself in this film as the first date is with Arun Vijay starrer Haathi.

Directed by Hari, Arun Vijay starrer Haathi is an action packed, family entertainer film. It stars Priya Bhavani Shankar with Arun Vijay.

With the release of Haathi this month, the film’s release has been postponed to the first date of next month due to Vikram’s action success.

In return, Hari and Arun Vijay went to various theaters in Tamil Nadu and organized promotional events. Recently Arun Vijay went to Malaysia for this.

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With just 2 days left before the release of the film Haathi, Arun Vijay said in a recent interview about the film-

I don’t like to be called an action hero. An actor should have all the talent.

I have been choosing and acting in films with great storytelling for my fans. Haathi movie is going to release this week. So I am very much looking forward to it. Haathi movie will satisfy all types of audience.

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There is no doubt that Hathi will be a film celebrated with much fanfare in theaters. This movie has all the features that a Harry movie should have. Apart from this, a lot of emotion will be seen in the film Hathi.

Harry focused on the fact that Elephant should not be just a commercial film. In the trailer, fans will get to know that the film has a family story.

Harry paid extra attention to the elephant movie for me. Many changes were made in their construction. Massive visuals, action verses, thrilling storyline for the protagonist is exactly what the fans expect and they will definitely see Haathi in the film.

Thus said Arun Vijay.

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