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[Download 100%] – Dog Gone Real Netflix Movie Review!

[Download 100%] – Dog Gone Real Netflix Movie Review!

The universal appeal of dog-themed movies is undeniable. The best protagonists often have dogs because they are so endearing and easy to cheer for. Dog Gone embraces this premise by telling the story of a child named Fielding Marshall and his sweet dog named Gonker.

The film follows both the couple and Fielding’s parents, John and Ginny, and is loosely based on a true incident. When Gonker suddenly disappears, the Marshalls throw themselves into their search. While Fielding and John head up the Appalachian Trail to find him, Ginny is in charge of spreading the story back home. It’s also a chance for Fielding and his father to mend their strained relationship and spend quality time together.

Dog Gone Real review of the Netflix movie

Despite some charming elements, the story remains as a whole feels too familiar like you’ve seen it before in some form. Common clichés, feelings associated with a strong animal-human bond, and a strained father-son relationship tested as a result of these events are all somewhat expected. Still, the cast does a respectable job considering the limitations.

First we see Fielding (Johnny Berchtold) in his college days at the beginning of Dog Gone. Although he is a likeable person, he is uncertain about his future. He randomly decides to buy a puppy after breaking up. Owning a pet is a big commitment, and his best friend points out that he doesn’t seem to have the responsibility or commitment it takes.

He ignores the recommendation. As a result of his enthusiastic banter of Fielding on the chin at a house party, the Labrador retriever puppy is named Gonker.

In many ways, Dog gone is a cheesy and juicy movie, but it’s also a fun family movie. Some younger viewers may be put off by the subject matter, which deals with the disappearance of a beloved pet, and by the somewhat shocking scene where Fielding vomits blood due to his illness.

The film’s cheesiness is softened by the overall warmth and positivity of its message, making even the juicy parts feel more like a comforting embrace than a cheeseball joke. So in our opinion you should stream it.

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