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[Download 100%] – Fate catches Gopi from his mouth again and again

Gopi Pakya tries to pacify Lakshmi, who is angry with her, but gets stuck in her mouth again.

Pakalakshmi is a superhit serial aired on Vijay TV from Monday to Saturday from 8.30 pm to 9 pm. The serial stars actress Suchitra Shetty as Pakalakshmi and actor Satish Kumar as her husband Gopi.

Actor STP Mala as Pakiya’s father-in-law, Ramamurthy Charitra, famous actress Rajalakshmi as mother-in-law Ishwari, actor Vikas Sampath as elder son Cheliyan, VJ Vishal as youngest son Ezhil, actress Neha Menon as daughter Iniya , Divya Ganesh as daughter-in-law Jenny. Reshma is playing the role of Radhika and Kambam Meena is playing the role of a woman working in Bhagya’s house.

Gopi cheats on his wife Radhika and decides to marry her. Now knowing all the truth, Pakia left the house. As his companions, Ms. Akka and Egil also accompanied him. The tragedy of Pakya’s demise is like a thunderbolt for the entire family. Iniya, who has great affection for her father, hates him and stays away from him. He shouts to Jenny that she wants to see her mother.

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In such a situation, it has been said in the promo that “When Radhika calms down and says OK for marriage, then she should give divers to Pakia and Radhika should get married.” Earlier, he had talked something and brought Pakiya home,” thinks Gobi. Then he turns to Pakia and says, “I don’t come to say that whatever I have done is right, to our child. There is a lot of trouble in the house, come home.”

To that, “How can I trust that you will not repeat such a mistake. Guarantee me, I will come.” He extended his hand to swear. At that time Gopi says, “You are really my life Radhika”. Luck is shocked to hear this.

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