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[Download 100%] – FIFA World Cup: Have you heard Jungkook’s ‘Dreamers’? bts army


FIFA World Cup 2022 opening ceremony today.
BTS member Jungkook will perform ‘Dreamers’.

MUMBAI Today is the day of football lovers and BTS fans. FIFA World Cup 2022 (FIFA World Cup 2022) will have a great start this evening. Also, BTS member Jungkook will perform at the opening ceremony. This will be a double treat of sorts for Wii. Jungkook will also become the first Korean artist to perform at the opening ceremony of FIFA. Prior to the opening ceremony, Jungkook released the audio version of his song “Dreamers”, which he will perform at the opening ceremony.

This song of Jungkook is getting a lot of love. Whereas, his BTS army says that this is the best song for FIFA World Cup. Jungkook is the youngest member of the Korean band. He is the second singer in 24 years who is bringing his solo song for the World Cup. Earlier, Ricky Martin brought ‘The Cup of Life’ in 1998.

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A chance to celebrate for BTS
Jungkook will perform his song Dreamers at the opening ceremony in Qatar. Viewers will be able to watch this ceremony at 7:30 pm Indian time. BTS fans are eagerly waiting for the Korean singer to create history. According to the information, the video of ‘Dreamers’ will come on 22 November.

Let us tell you that ‘Dreamers’ by Jungkook is a puppy and raw number. There is a glimpse of FIFA’s enthusiasm in it. As soon as this song came out people started talking about it. Fans are calling it a very beautiful song. Also, Jungkook’s voice is said to be magical.

Members are bringing solo songs
Seok Jin of BTS Army recently came out with the single ‘The Astronaut’. Now Jungkook’s single ‘Dreamers’ has been released. This will be followed by the release of the group’s single RM on December 2. Meanwhile, according to reports, singles of other band members will be released next year.

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