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[Download 100%] – gargi movie review Sai Pallavi appreciated for her brilliant role

Gargi starring Sai Pallavi is a crime thriller based on child abuse.

Gargi is a film directed by Gowtham Ramachandran, starring Sai Pallavi. Sai Pallavi is in the role of a school teacher in this film. His father works as a security guard in an apartment. A girl living in that apartment was gang-raped by 4 northerners. 5th Sai Pallavi’s father has also been arrested. The film revolves around the character Kargi’s struggle to get his father innocent and out.

Sai Pallavi is fired because her father is arrested. No money in hand, no famous lawyer to advocate. Couldn’t see father. How did he fight in this situation and save his father? Gautham Ramachandran has shot it very beautifully.

The scenes in this film make the audience travel along with it. Who would have committed that crime? Does he move on as soon as he raises the screenplay question? This is a great strength of the film.

Every scene of Kargi has been made according to the film. Sai Pallavi’s lawyer Kali Venkat’s character has been crafted in this film. His acting also gives strength to the film. Similarly, the role of a transgender as a judge is also special.

Although Child Abuse is set to be a crime thriller, most of the scenes take place in a courtroom. The verses are written in such a way that it is not boring. This too has been handled very meticulously. Cinematography, music and everything together takes you on a journey.

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In some places, the Corgi may appear a bit elongated and slow moving. Despite these minor flaws, the film is definitely not boring.
This is what happened in the mind of the audience. But beyond that one thing will happen in the final scene of the film. That is the success of the director. This makes me think that everyone should watch this film and not just families with girls.

Kargi tells how difficult it is to be a woman in the society. Especially in that final scene, a shot of Sai Pallavi becomes very important.

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