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[Download 100%] – Ginna Telugu Movie Review & Ratings

Ginna Telugu . Film Review: Manchu Vishnu, is known for trolling these days, but despite the negativity, after the disaster in Mosagaallu, he comes again with a movie called Ginna, well, the trailer and promotional activities created some buzz, and with that buzz the movie has finally been released today October 21, 2022, well let’s get into the in-depth review and find out if the movie is worth watching or not.


Ginna’s story tells that Ginna hails from Thirupathi where he runs a tent house with his friends called Ginna Tent House and he has little debt to the goon where the problem arises that he has to repay or else with his sister (Sunny Leone) Marry. enters the house where he and his friends experience supernatural things. What ultimately was the mystery makes up the rest of the story.

Cast & crew

Ginna starring Vishnu Manchu, Payal Rajput, Sunny Leone, Vennela Kishore, Saddam and Naresh, the film was directed by Eeshaan Suryah, and Cinematography was done by Chota K. Naidu, Music was composed by Anoop Rubens, and the film was produced by Manchu Vishnu under the banner of Ava Entertainments.

movie name Gina
Director Suryah
music director Anoop Rubens
Producer Manchu Vishnu
Genre horror comedy
Form Vishnu Manchu, Payal Rajput, Sunny Leone, Vennela Kishore, Saddam and Naresh
Cinematography Chota K. Naidu

Movie verdict

Vishnu Manchu who became more famous with trolls than with his movies, whether direct or indirect, became a benefit to the movie pramot. Despite the fact that Vishnu first tried an outdated genre called Horror Comedy, the movie has nothing new to captivate the audience from start to finish, few comedic scenes make you laugh, but after a while it becomes like Jabardast comedy, still it won’t save the movie for the next few days.

While watching the movie, we may feel that the treatment of the movie is outdated because we have seen many movies with the same format, such as an introduction of a hero, then a song, some comedy scenes with his friends, in love become a girl and a hero run into a problem, that’s all. The first half went with little engaging comedy scenes and boring screenplay and the makers felt that interval bang makes the audience watch the second half, but the genre itself is outdated, so we won’t get curious.

The second half focused entirely on horror elements with a mystery surrounding scenes that were good for a while, though all outdated, the pace of the movie drops in the second half with forced comedy and routine scenes, and the core emotion didn’t quite hit the mark either.

Manchu Vishnu as Ginna is good in a few comedic scenes as it is reminiscent of his one and only hit movie Dhee but apart from comedy he failed to entertain the audience, Payal Rajput has nothing to do with the role as her character designed only for intimate scenes, Sunny Leone is good in a few servings, as usual she shines with her glamor and the rest of the cast Vennela Kishore, Saddam, Naresh did their part well.

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Debutant Suryaah has totally failed to make the film in an engaging way for the audience as Kona Venkat provided the story is completely outdated and we can see some of ‘Dookudu’ agreement unfortunately none of the elements help the film.

Technically Ginna is below average as Chota K Naidu failed to deliver good images as we can get some unnecessary lighting in the shots, we don’t know why? better he would retire or update himself and Anup Rubens completely failed in giving songs and background music.

Overall Ginna is an outdated horror comedy that has no comedy and no horror, by the way, watch it at your own risk



  • Routine Story
  • Routine scenario
  • Mediocre performances

Rating: 2.5/5

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