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[Download 100%] – How the story of Ulaga Nayagan Kamalhasan enters Tamil

Kamal Haasan’s debut film as a child artist, Kalathur Kannamma was released on 12 August 1960. That is, 62 years have been completed of actor Kamal’s debut on the screen yesterday and the 63rd year is starting from today. Kalathoor Kannamma is an interesting film if you compile the events from start to finish.

His sons Saravanan, Meiyappan and Kumaran, who were working in films produced by AV Meiyappa Chettiar, want to make a film under the AVM banner alone. I am scared to ask my father directly. Amma asks father through Rajeshwari. He is right too.

Now for the story. Many people are not satisfied even after hearing the story. This time Jaavar Sitharaman narrated the story of Pattu and Kittu to AV Mayappa Chettiar. The story teller says that it cannot be filmed. They tell Meiyappa Chettiar that Saravanan and others will like the story and they will film it. He also agrees.
AVM had very few people to make a film for him. But Saravanan and others wanted T.Prakash Rao, who produced Venus Pictures’ Amardeepam and Uttam Putran based on Sridhar’s story, to be cast as director. At first, Mayappa Chettiar did not agree with this. Fifteen thousand salary to those who continuously direct films in his company. Prakash Rao is asking for thirty thousand.

In the end, he agreed to his sons’ wishes, and Pattum Kittu was titled Kalathur Kannamma, directed by Prakash Rao, starring Gemini and Savitri.
Daisy Irani was signed to play the role of Selvam in the film with an advance of ten thousand rupees. Daisy Irani rose to fame as a child star in the fifties. Daisy Irani played the role of a boy in Yaar Payan produced by Vijaya Films. That’s why he signed it.

How the story of Ulaga Nayagan Kamalhasan enters Tamil

This time six-year-old Kamal Haasan comes with a desire to star in the film with Sara Ramachandran, the family doctor of AVM Company. Rajeshwari Amma introduced him to Mayappa Chettiar. Kamala Haasan, who is irritable, is going to catch her. Kamal Haasan also played the same role as Daisy Irani in Yaar Payan. Kamal Chettiar likes Kamal’s acting more than Irani, so he said that this boy can be cast in our film.

How the story of Ulaga Nayagan Kamalhasan enters Tamil

Others refused because they had paid Irani in advance. But Chettiaro is a newcomer and is doing well. Kamal was adamant that Ivan would be more suitable for the film than Irani.

The mango season was over when Kalathoor Kannamma was shooting for the song ‘Khawali Buriyatho’. As a result, artificial mangoes were hung on the mango tree. It was only after the boy Kamal eagerly plucked it, that it was a fake mango. That’s why he himself thinks that everything in cinema is dope. Because of this, Kannamma pretends to eat in the scene where she is feeding him salt and after the scene ends, spits the salt kept in her mouth. On being asked, he asked if salt was also dope.

How the story of Ulaga Nayagan Kamalhasan enters Tamil

I remember the scene of lotus singing Kalathur Kannamma with a milky face. The director shot for less than two minutes of the song which is about 3 minutes long.

How the story of Ulaga Nayagan Kamalhasan enters Tamil

Seeing Kamal’s performance, Mayyappa Chettiar asked the director to shoot the entire song, and the director and Chettiar got into trouble. Prakash Rao angrily walked out of the film after Chettiar’s 8000 feet film was taken away due to interference in his work. After that Bhim Singh finished the film. Bhim Singh agreed to use Prakash Rao’s name in the title of the film, but Prakash Rao refused.
Kalathur Kannamma ran and was successful for over 100 days after its release.

How the story of Ulaga Nayagan Kamalhasan enters Tamil

Kamal’s performance in the film was highly praised by the press. Meiyappa Chettiar had already predicted that he would become Periyal in the future. So, instead of just keeping Master Kamal Haasan in the title of the film, he highlighted Kamal Haasan as the new child artist that AVM would give to southern cinema.

How the story of Ulaga Nayagan Kamalhasan enters Tamil

After the success of the film, he dubbed and released it in Telugu as Maurya Ammai. Then in 1969 he made it in Telugu as Muga Nomu. Kalathur Kannamma was remade in Hindi in 1962 under the direction of AVM Bhimsingh. Later the film was also remade in Sinhala. But other child stars could not give a performance as good as Kamal in anything.

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