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[Download 100%] – How to watch Forever My Girl (2018) movie? Spoilers and streaming guide

[Download 100%] – How to watch Forever My Girl (2018) movie?  Spoilers and streaming guide

Forever My Girl is a romantic drama film released in January 2018. The film revolves around the life of Liam Lincoln Page, a musician by profession who fell in love with a beautiful girl named Josie years ago. But had to leave her to pursue his dream of becoming a successful musician and achieve fame and success in life. But years later, disaster strikes again, after the untimely death of his friend, forcing him to return to his hometown. Where he realizes Josie (his girlfriend) was pregnant when he left her. The rest of the story follows how Liam tries to come to terms with his sad past and how he tries to make his present better forms the rest of the story.

Upon release, the film received negative reviews from critics. The film was heavily criticized for the writing and performances of the lead actors. But audiences didn’t seem to be swayed by the reviews because they loved the movie. Therefore, the film grossed $16 million at the box office despite having a budget of $3.5 million.

For those who have seen the trailer of the movie and happened to miss it in the cinema and want to stream it online, and are looking for details about this movie such as the plot of the movie, the cast details and the streaming guide. We have covered everything up for them.

Cast of Forever My Girl

Alex Roe: Alex is a British actor who rose to fame after working in several popular TV shows. Here he plays the lead role of Liam, a famous musician and father trying to deal with the grief of his past while trying to start a new life.

Jessica Rothe: The American actress who rose to worldwide fame for her role in the hit slasher film Happy Death Day, the film was a huge hit at the box office and her performance received critical acclaim. She has also worked in the Prime Video Sci-Fi TV show Utopia. She plays the female lead in the film. She plays the character of Josie, Alex’s lover and the mother of his child.

Abby Ryder previously worked in movies like Antman, Ant-Man, The Wasp, A Dog’s journey, etc. Here he plays the role of Billy Swann. Some other key actors in the movie are Travis Tritt, Peter Cambor, Gillian Vigman, etc…

Forever My Girl cast

Plot and spoilers forever my girl (2018)

The story revolves around the life of Liam Page, a man who left his lover and his family to forget his past and gain fame and success in life. But a few years later, when one of his childhood friends dies in a car accident, he is forced to return to his hometown. Where he initially starts ignoring everyone including his old lover Josie. But eventually Josie recognizes him and punches him in the stomach.

Josie later reveals that she now has a child and Liam is the father. Liam is shocked when he hears this. Josie tells Liam that she tried to contact him several times, but Liam never answered. So she assumed that Liam is not interested in her that’s why she stopped bothering him and started taking care of her child.

Where to Watch Forever My Girl (2018) Movie: Spoilers & Streaming Guide

Protagonists of Forever My Girl

After that, Liam tries to join his family and meets his 7-year-old daughter and tries to spend time with her. During that time an incident happens where Liam’s daughter was about to die this sends Liam into a flashback of his own life where her mother died in front of him luckily his daughter survives later Liam gets a sense of realization and he feels that his family lived a relatively happy life before he returned. The rest of the story follows how Liam reconnects with his family and starts a happy life together.

Where to watch the movie Forever My Girl (2018).

You can watch Forever My Girl (2018) on various top OTT streaming platforms like Paramount Plus, Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, etc… You can get Paramount Plus with a small subscription fee of $4.99/month. Amazon Prime video for $14.99 per month.

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