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[Download 100%] – How to watch the movie Sardar Ka Grandson?

Sardar Ka Grandson is a story of a young man who sets out on a journey to fulfill his ailing grandmother’s last wish. The film tries to fit into many genres, but ultimately fails altogether. The film stars Arjun Kapoor and Rakul Preet Singh in the lead, and Neena Gupta plays the grandmother. Right at the start of the movie, you’ll find out that Neena Gupta, who is affectionately referred to as ‘Sardar’ in the movie, is the only reason this movie is worth watching, maybe once. The film also features Aditi Rao Hydari, John Abraham, Soni Razdan and Kanwaljit Singh in supporting roles.

Amreek (Arjun Kapoor) lives with his fiancé Radha (Rakul Preet Singh) in Los Angeles. It just so happens that Amreek loses both his fiancé and his job. This is when he finds out that his grandmother Rupinder Kaur (Neena Gupta) is sick, so he travels back to India to spend time with her. Before she dies, the grandmother wants to return to Lahore to see the house she shared with her husband. Unfortunately her visa is denied. That’s when Amreek makes it his responsibility to fulfill his grandmother’s dream.

The twist

Amreek comes up with the crazy idea of ​​taking the house all the way from Pakistan to India. The movie doesn’t seem to know what it actually wants to be. It tries to be a comedy, a family drama, a romantic movie, but fails in all attempts. Neena Gupta as the grandmother with bad makeup, has a heartwarming performance for all of the film’s other flaws and shortcomings. Her sense of humor, the twinkle in her eye and especially her interactions with her grandson Amreek are endearing to say the least. Apparently the entire Kapoor family, including Arjun Kapoor’s girlfriend Malaika Arora, is rooting for the movie and asking their fans to watch it.

heartwarming interactions

Sardar Ka Grandson Release date: from India to Pakistan

Sardar Ka Grandson was released worldwide on Netflix on May 18, 2021. Even though the idea of ​​the grandson moving a house from Lahore to India to make his ailing grandmother happy seems far-fetched considering it is a Bollywood movie and provides some heartwarming moments and sometimes makes you laugh I think works. Directed by Kaashvie Nair and written by Anuja Chauhan, Amitosh Nagpal and Kaashvi Nair, the story revolves around the family ties of an upper middle class Punjabi family. The film has been produced by Bhushan Kumar, Divya Khosla Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Monisha Advani, Madhu Bhojwani, Nikkhil Advani and John Abraham under the banner T-Series, Emmay Entertainment and JA Entertainment.

sardar ka grandson

Love across generations


If you’re wondering what Aditi Rao Hydari and John Abraham are doing in the movie, they play cameo roles as the younger version of Rupinder Kaur and her husband. When Sardar tells her favorite grandchild her love story, Amreek (who herself has suffered from heartbreak) decides that nothing should get in the way of his grandmother’s wish. He decides that if his grandmother can’t go to Lahore to see the house she built with her husband in 1947, he should bring the house to her in India. This makes for some interesting moments and performances.

Arjun Kapoor’s acting is average in emotional scenes where he should actually let us root for him. His comedic timing also suffers. The scenes he shares with Neena Gupta work in his favor. Rakul Preet Singh aptly portrays her role as a vibrant, independent woman with a mind of her own. Since both John Abraham and Aditi Rao Hydari are talented performers, we think a firmer backstory would have made all the difference to this film.

The film was launched last year and filming would end in late March or early April 2020. Due to the lockdowns caused by Covid, filming was postponed indefinitely. In August, the makers announced that they will resume filming, along with the scenes of John Abraham and Aditi Rao Hydari, both of whom have performed specially. According to reports, John and Aditi’s song is set in 1947, with the former playing the younger Kanwaljit Singh and the latter playing the younger Neena Gupta, according to reports.

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